The Possibilon Exhibit – Documentation

The Possibilon (2021) is a cyber-alien virtual being that uses machine learning, AI, and a 5,000 qubit quantum computer to recommend worlds within the NEOS VR metaverse. This video is an archive of the opening exhibition, January 21, 2022.

The Possibilon is the creation of Dr. Jeremy Owen Turner. Dr. Turner has been working with Alex Khan, of Chicago Quantum, on the programming for the Quantum Computer so that The Possibilon can think using D-Wave’s Quantum computer.

The LogiX Programming happening inside of the VR World of NEOS VR has been overseen by ViaRs Systems, with Jerad Bitner, Lucas Rosetti, and Guillermo Valle Perez.

Quantum NPCs in NEOS VR has been made possible thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des artes du Canada.