the machine

The BBMC studio was transformed this month into a post apocalyptic cyberpunk squat –  the set for the upcoming film the machine by BBMC member Liz Solo.  the machine is a co-production of Liz Solo and the Black Bag Media Collective. The script for the machine has won the NF Joy Award from the Linda Joy Media Arts Society and the Dramatic Script Prize at the NL Arts and Letters Competition.

Set in post apocalyptic St John’s the machine stars Liz Solo (above) and Melanie Caines (below). Photos by Justin Hall.

The crew on set.

What the Linda Joy Media Arts Society said of the machine:

“the machine is a fairytale from a post-apocalyptic future version of St. John’s, Newfoundland, where two survivors meet and form an unlikely bond. Merging multiple media forms including 16mm film, digital media, and animation The Machine represents a new generation of media arts production and makes use of extremely current creative techniques like Machinima which have grown out of contemporary virtual arts movements. In these creative spaces the artist becomes part of the tale and traditional distinctions and boundaries between art and audience can be challenged in ways that are highly relevant to our increasingly virtual or connected lifestyles. The Machine was also the 2009 winner of the Newfoundland Arts & Letters Dramatic Script Award.

Liz Solo is a new media artist, performance artist, and musician and has previously produced short films using digital media and film. She has pursued her practice at the contemporary edge of media arts for many years, exploring, challenging and mixing media and performance techniques within her own work and with artists’ collectives. She is currently a working member of the Black Bag Media Collective, the Second Front Performance Art Collective, among others. She is also the co-curator of the Odyssey Contemporary Art & Performance Simulator (with Yael Gilks and Jane Leffler), an experimental virtual arts space within Second Life. Her work has appeared at major festivals and biennales from Canada to China.”

the machine is scheduled for release this Fall.

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