Flick Harrison and Catherine Falkner at the BBMC

The BBMC are preparing for their second Visiting Artist’s Residency, this time with Vancouver artists Flick Harrison and Catherine Falkner. Throughout the Residency both artists will be offering workshops. Here are the details:

Video-making Workshops with Flick Harrison (Vancouver)   Vancouver artist, filmmaker and rabble rouser Flick Harrison will be in St. John’s from August 28th until September 9th offering one-on-one and group workshops in video making and editing. In particular the workshops will focus on shooting/documenting/videomaking for live bands, and live arts and performance events.

Is one of your favourite bands playing this week and you would like to shoot the show?
Obsessed with documenting?
Got footage of a show/performance you shot last year that you would just love to finally edit? Or some old footage from yesteryear that needs to see the light of day?

Contact the Black Bag Media Collective to arrange to participate in one-on-one and group workshop sessions with Flick Harrison. No experience or pre-requisites necessary. Having your own camera and computer is a bonus but these things are not essential. Contact us here: theblackbags@yahoo.ca

Videos made during the process have the opportunity to be screened in different alternative venues over the weekend of September 7- 9 as well as be a part of a one time installation at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio.

Made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section.
Brought to you by the Black Bag Media Collective.

About Flick Harrison
Flick Harrison is a self-made nobody, a renegade artist, an underpreneur, a premiere Vancouver poorfessional, and now a member of the Sunset Community artists-in-residence “Something Collective.” His film, theatre, video, acting, writing and camera work has been seen by millions, been nominated and won awards internationally, and slipped into, under and through almost every Canadian funding niche. Chretien’s chief strategist Warren Kinsella called Flick “offensive” and “unfair,” the Globe and Mail called him “hilarious,” and the Georgia Straight called his work “gorgeously sophisticated.” His work includes teaching media art to kids, engaging community through art, designing projections for theatre and dance, and international journalism and criticism.

Flick started as a videographer on the national CBC series Road Movies, and went on to work with 536 Arts Collective, Theatre Conspiracy, Dancers Dancing, Leaky Heaven Circus, Headlines Theatre, and Ballet British Columbia. He’s acted with the likes of Lucy Lawless and Edward James Olmos, studied under Noam Chomsky, beaten the Sundance parking laws, startled Brian Mulroney *and* Kim Campbell, interviewed Ed Asner to sleep, been poisoned by the Taliban, flown light aircraft, ridden boxcars on national television, dodged the border patrol in Mexico, held hands with Negativland, promoted David Orchard, fired rifles in the tribal zones of Pakistan, and shown in the Museum of the Moving image in New York.

He’s made video for Stephane Dion, R.E.M., Wreckless Eric, Battlestar Galactica, Amnesty International, Canned Hamm, Bruce Sweeney, Nettie Wild, Reg Harkema, David Vaisbord, James Dunnison, and many others.

See: http://www.flickharrison.com/

Rasa Box Workshop – with Catherine Falkner (Vancouver)
“rasa” – a Sanskrit word meaning “essence.” 
In this ensemble based workshop participants will be exposed to rasa boxes. Based on an ancient Sanskrit performance philosophy the rasa box workshop explores nine emotional states, or “essences”, and how they can be used in creating performance.
Through working with breath, sound and movement the rasa box techniques can lead to discovery of organic and truthful impulses to enhance performance work.
The workshop is designed to accommodate a range of skill levels and interests of professionals and students including actors, directors, performance artists, musicians, choreographers, playwrights, movement and dance teachers and/or therapists.

Where: The Masonic Temple
When: Sunday September 2nd from 2 to 6 PM
Cost: $20 (discount rates are available for those who need one, just ask)
Space is limited to 12 participants so please register by writing theblackbags@yahoo.ca
The workshop will start with a gentle warm-up followed by ensemble building exercises. This will lead to intensive work with the rasa boxes.

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.
Wear comfortable loose clothing that you can move in.
Please no perfumes or jewelry.
All welcome, no previous experience necessary.
Be ready to play and have fun!

About Catherine Falkner
Catherine Falkner thought her quirks would just go away, but instead they forced her into show business. Catherine is a Vancouver based multi-disciplined artist with a bent toward camp, clown and Absurdism. She has worked with filmmaker Flick Harrison on his guerrilla film shorts, The Blood of the Worker, Breaking the Law, The Artist at Work and the larger-scale production Victory Party.

She has also been working in performance art / burlesque (The Hot Toddy Girls), writing / producing finger-puppet shows (Mit Funf) and sketch comedy (as a founding member of Girl Parts.

In 2010 she went back to school and is earning her Theatre Degree in Performance at the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. Recently Catherine has performed at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Presentation House North Vancouver and in the award-winning short film, “Petar the pig farmer.”

Still shot from the film The Victory Party, by Flick Harrison
Brought to you by the Black Bag Media Collective.


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