macgrid_004webThe Black Bag Media Collective are now working on macGRID.

Spear-headed by McMaster University the macGRID is a robust, archivable, Cyberscience and Art research platform (macGRID) and a corresponding network of academic, industry and community partners who wish to engage in interdisciplinary research and creation, resource and knowledge sharing, using simulation, avatar virtual worlds, and mixed reality systems. his initiative is led by Dr. David Harris Smith, Assistant Professor in Communication Studies & Multimedia at McMaster, and has been advanced by collaborators and contributors including new media artist Ian Murray, Humanities Media Computing, SHARCNET High Performance Computing, GRAND NCE, Dr. Eleni Stroulia and students at the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta, and Dr. Suzanne Crosta, Dean of Humanities and Dr. Mo Elbestawi, Vice President of Research at McMaster. Please see

BBMC are super excited to be a part of this project and we have access to multiple studios on the macGRID. We are are currently in the planning stages for brand new builds and programming. The appeal of the completely blank space is exhilarating. The transition from our working on the Odyssey Simulator in Second Life to this new, independent space on macGRID may take some time – but clearly an adventure awaits. Here is a shot of our empty studio island, from a distance.


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