Spinning Worlds in NEOSVR

Neos is an innovative metaverse engine designed for social VR applications and loaded with possibilities for creativity. Over the last months BBMC members have been exploring the platform, learning more about the complex interface, dreaming up new ideas and experimenting with streamed performance. We have also been designing a new studio space. The NEOS worlds are populated by super helpful developers and welcoming community members and we continue to consider it the most promising social VR platform for creators.

BBMC members are in the early development phase of a new project based in NEOSVR that works with a disciplinary sub-field in artificial intelligence known as, “meta-creation”. Through meta-creation, they plan to build entities, objects, characters, environments etc. that are autonomously creative. In other words, meta-creation will allow the artists to create things, objects or beings that are inherently creative. The end goal is to develop two independent avatar-entities who wander through virtual worlds, interacting with others and creating unique artworks and performances as they go.

In the meantime there’s a lot to learn. If you’re interested in exploring NEOS, here are some useful resources:

NEOSVR – NEOS VR Homepage.

NEOS YouTube – Lots of tutorials, regular live streamed reports from developers and community

NEOS on Discord – connect with the the NEOS VR community online.

image from BBMC’s NEOS-based streamed performance, “Spinning Worlds”, 2019