Meta-Creation Exhibition

After many months of research and development the BBMC are ready to premiere results from our Meta Creation in NEOS VR project.

JE Solo has built an underwater environment to house their creation – a set of twin NPC (Non-Player Character) Whales that plays AI generated audio as they interact with users. JE’s exhibit opens on Odyssey in NEOS VR on December 29th, from 2 – 4 PST and the event will be streamed live to the BBMC’s Twitch Channel. You can also search “under world” in NEOS to visit the installation and meet the whales anytime.

NEOS VR on Steam

Meta Creation in NEOS VR is the latest project from the BBMC, led by JE (Liz) Solo. Artists are  experimenting with the capabilities of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in the social VR world of NEOS. The artists are creating NPCs that have the ability to create in their own right – essentially becoming autonomous virtual artists.