Congratulations A^^>>>TAO<<<^^A !!

BBMC Members JE Solo and Mike Kean, along with BBMC Associate Dr. Peter Duchemin, are the winners of the 2021 World Telekinesis Competition. Operating as the team  A^^>>>TAO<<<^^A, and collaborating remotely from Toronto and Hong Kong, they beat out sixteen other teams in four rounds of matches.

About the World Telekinesis Competition:

The World Telekinesis Competition is a game in which teams from around the world compete to influence a candle using only the power of the mind. The game begins when a candle is lit at the center of the official game board, and lasts for one hour or until the candle is extinguished—whichever comes first. The goal of the game is to influence the way a candle melts—pushing the wax onto the opponent’s side of the game board. The team who pushes the most wax wins.

Cover photo from the WTC website.