Odyssey VR

Odyssey VR – a brand new project from the BBMC – launches next week on VR platforms everywhere.

BBMC members are exploring new VR spaces as sites for creating and presenting performances and performance art work. We are also exploring and developing workflows for creating VR based machinima.

All members of the Odyssey Group and interested artists are invited to join the upcoming exploration. To joins us in-world please email the collective for coordinates and schedules:


The BBMC plan to build new spaces for artists to create and present performance art work in VR. These spaces will complement the Odyssey simulators we already have running in Second Life and macGrid. Watch for us in VRChat, Sansar, High Fidelity, AltSpace VR and more. Stay tuned to our social media feeds for up to date information on our progress and details on how to join us.

The Odyssey VR project has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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