BBMC Collections release – Songs From The Hall

The BBMC have just released another board tape to our Collections page – this time from 1987. “Songs From the Hall” is a selection of tracks from an old cassette board tape of a live show that happened at the LSPU Hall. Though the original recording (the very first live to DAT recording in NL) came out damaged there were many songs that were salvageable. This release covers songs from one night of “Starry Night, Songs From the Hall”. There is a great deal of noise but you also get a real sense of being at the LSPU Hall attending a live show back in the day.

This recording features performances of songs from the Newfoundland theatre by Sheila’s Brush, Ron Hynes, Cathy Jones and Sandy Morris, Mike Wade, The Band From Hell and Liz Solo. It is available for free download at this link:

Songs From the Hall on Bandcamp

The original show was created and produced by BBMC member Liz Solo in collaboration of the Resource Centre for the Arts and the artists. Musical Direction by Sandy Morris; Recorded by Jim Rillie.

Photo credits: top – Mercedes Barry and Mike Wade from King of Ashes; photo by Justin Hall

below – Sheila’s Brush (left to right) Philip Dinn, Flip Janes, Frank Barry, Vicki Hammond, Mercedes Barry, Geoff Panting, Bill Barry; photo by Kent Barrett


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