JE Solo talks VR with CBC

In the following interview excerpt, JE Solo speaks with the CBC’s Heather Barrett about Virtual Reality, and the BBMC’s latest project – Meta Creation in NEOS VR.

JE (Liz) Solo and Jeremy O. Turner have been working for months in the NEOS VR platform to develop NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that have the ability to create original music. The artists are working with NEOS programmers inside of the VR world to develop elements and scripting; they are also working externally with MASOM Musical Agent based on Self-Organizing Maps)- a machine learning program developed by Kıvanç Tatar. The MASOM program allows the artists to incorporate learning, real time response, and musical performance capabilities into their NPCs.

The experiments are ongoing with more details and an exhibition announcement coming soon.

Meta Creation in NEOS VR has been made possible thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts/Conseil des arts du Canada.